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Sergio Cappello


Sergio Cappello

Lingua e traduzione – lingua francese (L-LIN/04)

Sergio Cappello

Lingua e traduzione – lingua francese (L-LIN/04)


A graduate in Modern Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures (French) at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Bologna, I continued my studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris and at the Université de Paris VIII – Vincennes, obtaining a diploma of specialization (DEA) in Semiotics and a PhD in French and Comparative Literature.

Fellow of the French Government with two annual grants to carry out research at the H.E.S.S. of Paris and the Université de Paris VIII – Vincennes (1975–1976; 1978–1979), then exchange lecturer of the Italian language and culture of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Université de Caen (1979-1987), I have been working at the University of Udine since 1987, where I teach French Language and French Literature at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and at the Faculty of Economics and Banking. Since 2000 I am Full Professor of Language and Translation – French Language (L/LIN 04), currently in service at the Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage.

After my doctoral training, I focused my research mainly on the fictional problem in its theoretical and historical dimensions and on the novel in the French sixteenth century. In this last area I published numerous works on the theoretical and critical debate of the novel, translations and rewritings of Italian and Spanish sentimental humanistic narrative works and on the Parisian and Lyon editions of medieval novels between the end of the fifteenth century and the first half of the 1500s.

As far as scientific projects are concerned, I was involved as scientific director of the local unit in research projects of national interest PRIN 2005 (2006-2008), PRIN 2009 (2011-2013) and PRIN 2017; and, as an associate researcher, in research projects of departmental interest PRID 2017 (The Chivalric Romance and Related Texts in the European Renaissance. Bibliographical and Textual Research) and PRID 2019 (Lost Books in the European Renaissance. The Chivalric Romance and Related Texts. Bibliographical and Textual Research). Since 2009 I am a member of the Scientific Committee of the Études et essais sur la Renaissance series at the Classiques Garnier editions in Paris.

Among the many academic and institutional positions held, Director of the Department of Germanic and Romance Languages ​​and Literatures, then Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures (2007–2015) and member of the University Research Commission and the Academic Senate of the University of Udine (2009–2015). After holding the position of Secretary of the University Society for French Language and Literature Studies (2005–2007), I was the President (2008–2010). I also participated in numerous judging committees of national comparative evaluation competitions and procedures and of admission and final examinations of national and international research doctorates.


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