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The Oracular Pronouncements (wratai) from the Archaic and Classical Ages


The Oracular Pronouncements (wratai) from the Archaic and Classical Ages

The research activity started after the publication of a first work dedicated to the topic (Parola del dio, scrittura del damos, norme panelleniche. Ripensando l'iscrizione elea IvO 7, RIDA 61, 2014 [2015] 9–28) and concerns now the critical edition and the historical commentary of some of the most significative wratrai (oracular pronunciations from Zeus) found in Olympia – like the one for the Chaladrioi and Deucalion, whose edition with commentary has been recently published (Axon 2/2, 2018, 21–59). 
At the moment the research is part of the wider project AXON. Greek Historical Inscriptions, which is connected with the activities of the Greek Epigraphy Lab of the Department of Humanities of the University Ca' Foscari of Venice.

AXON is the first Italian archive of Greek inscriptions of historical interest available online. Its contributions, provided with historical commentary, are peer-reviewed by a Committee (to which also Dr. Zunino belongs) and published in an open access journal.

A second phase will be dedicated to a comprehensive study of all the wratrai. This will contribute significantly to the understanding of the Elean administration of the shrine of Zeus in the Archaic and Classical Age.


  • Critical edition and historical commentary of the archaic wratrai in Olympia