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Military presence in Northern Italy. Iconographic and epigraphic documentation (PMIT)


Military presence in Northern Italy. Iconographic and epigraphic documentation (PMIT)

Coordinator: Prof. Matteo Cadario
Member: Dr. Stefano Magnani

Through the collection and the analysis of the documentation and the evidence pertaining to the image of the military world in Northern Italy, the group works on a project which aims at investigatin the importance and reasons behind the presence of soldiers within a territorial context which, in the first centuries of the Imperial period, was only slightly involved in war events or in the allocation of legions.

Objectives of the project are thus:

  • the systematic collecting of the documentation concerning the presence of military images in Northern Italy during the first centuries of the Imperial Age
  • the development of a database for the systematic organization of the data collected
  • the preliminary analysis of those data
  • the publication of the database, whose data can be extrapolated
  • the following dissemination of the contents.

The main purpose is to frame and understand the ideological importance of the military image in the cities, both in public (i.e. statues, weapon decorations, trophies) and in private contexts, and especially in the funeral ones (i.e. figurative stelae, weapon decorations), in order to reconstruct in concrete terms the presence of individual soldiers in the regions concerned.


  • Study of the archaeological documentation
  • Study of the epigraphic documentation
  • Study of the roman military iconography
  • Historical, economic, social and topographical analysis starting from iconographical and epigraphical documents