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Valorisation Project "Terra di Ninive" (Land of Ninive)


Valorisation Project "Terra di Ninive" (Land of Ninive)

Coordinator: Prof. Daniele Morandi Bonacossi
Member: Dr. Marco Iamoni
Website: Land of Niniveh

The Valorisation Project Land of Niniveh is connected to LoNAP and completes its research activity. It was established thanks to a funding of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI) and is dedicated to the preservation and valorisation of the cultural heritage of the province of Dohuk (Iraqi Kurdistan), which is seriously threatened by islamic fundamentalism and by vandalism. Through the collaboration with the Institute for Technologies Applied to the Cultural Heritage (ITABC of the CNR), the project aims at documenting with the most modern digital technologies (laser scan, photogrammetry, high resolution aerial photos through the use of drones, 3D rendering of monuments) the aqueduct of Jerwan, dating to the Neo-Assyrian period, and the bas-reliefs located in Maltai and Khinnis, which belonged to the canal system built in the 8th century by the Assyrian king Sennacherib. 
The interventions also aim at developing a conservation project for the damaged monuments, and at organizing training/updating courses addressed to the staff of the local Superintendences. A later stage concerns the planning of an archaeological park: this should favour both the local population and the international tourists to become acquainted with the Assyrian artistic and architectural masterpieces.
The last step of the project will be dedicated to the preparation of a proposal for including the abovementioned cultural assets in the Tentative World Heritage List of UNESCO.


  • Archaeological assessment through the use of digital technologies (laser scan, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, drones)
  • Training of the local staff
  • Preservation and restoration of works of art
  • Planning of an archaeological park