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Muslim Archaeology and Art History


Muslim Archaeology and Art History

Coordinator: Prof. Giovanni Curatola

Continuing a multiannual research on oriental carpets and art in Italy, Giovanni Curatola wrote the introduction for the exhibition Serenissime trame, housed at the Ca' D'Oro in Venice (23rd March–23rd July 2017, later extended), with the title Una storia d'amore: Venezia e i tappeti orientali ("A Love Story: Venice and Oriental Carpets", pp. 15–25). In the same year, he composed a brief note for the catalogue of the exhibition "Rex and the City". I sauri e noi (IV sec. a.C. – XX sec.) ("Rex and the City". The saurians and us [4th cent. BC – 20th cent.]) hosted at MUDEC in Milan (22nd Marc–9th July 2017), more precisely a text dedicated to the mythological figure of Senmurv (Senmurv e draghi, "Senmurv and dragons", pp. 100–105) and four other contributions for the exhibition Nel solco di Pietro: la Cattedrale di Pisa e la Basilica Vaticana ("In the wake of Peter: the Cathedral of Pisa and the Vatican Basilica"), Pisa, 22nd April – 23rd July 2017 (catalogue cards nr. II 14–17). He is also author of the essay Islam e Alimentazione ("Islam and Food"), in Cibo, identità culturale e religione tra antico e contemporaneo. Ebraismo, tradizione classica, Islam e India, Milan (Civico Museo Archeologico), pp. 67–98.
Following a research line aiming at spreading awareness islamic art in Italy, he was member of the scientific committee of the exhibition focused on islamic collections in Florence (Islamic Art and Florence from the Medici to the 20th Century), held at the Uffizi Gallery and at the Museo Nazionale del Bargello. At the same time, he keeps contacts with foreign countries, especially Kuwait, where he held a series of lectures and conferences at the DAI (dar al-Athar-al-Islamiya) in autumn 2017.