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Aspects of Contemporary Italian Architectural History


Aspects of Contemporary Italian Architectural History

Coordinator: Prof. Andrea Zagnoni

The lines of research are focused on specific, diversified topics. With the common denominator of belonging to a chronological arc going from the second half of the 19th century and the '80s of the 20th century, they concern case studies relating to the national territory and to the countries once submitted to the Italian colonial rule, and they can also refer to works realised abroad by Italian designers or companies.
The approach entails the analysis of the considered works and interventions, the comparison with the coeval international experiences, as well as their framing in their original context – the cultural one and, in reference to the specifics of some of the issues addressed, the mythographic one.
Research procedures are those typically used in the field of History of Architecture, namely bibliographic and archivistic research, and – whenever possible – direct vision of the work / of the architectural intervention.