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Visual Ideologies in Italian Art during the Second Half of the 20th Century


Visual Ideologies in Italian Art during the Second Half of the 20th Century

Coordinator: Prof. Alessandro Del Puppo

The concept of "visual ideology" is here adopted as the heart of research activities centered on the last ten years in the field of History of Italian Art during the 20th century. Such a perspective does not intend to remove either the traditional stylistic analysis, formal and iconographic, or the visual philology and the philology of critical texts and author writing: it aims instead at operating a logical synthesis, programmatically structured in order to define the relationship between artistic production and society – a relationship that brings inevitably History of Art at the crossroad of other disciplines, with which it is necessary to confront (not only the neighbouring ones, like Art Critic or History of Exhibiting Institutions, but also Political and Social History and, accepting the mediated quality of this artistic production in a confrontational perspective, the latest trends known as Visual Studies).


  • Hegemony and consent. The search for a third way between socialist realism and international abstraction
  • "Irrational" reactions to neorealism: abstract formalism and images of the myth
  • Parallel or marginal art writings: the cases of Montale and Gadda
  • The aesthetic of the flowback: quotation, allegory and anachronism in the critical debate of the '80s