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History of Artistic Techniques and Preservation of Artworks


History of Artistic Techniques and Preservation of Artworks

Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppina Perusini

Research is often realised by interdisciplinary groups composed by Art Historians, scientists and restorers. In fact the group collaborates often with institutions such as the CNR of Padova, the Doerner Institut of Munich, the SIK-ISEA of Zürich, in addition to various museums and superintendencies within North-Eastern Italy.
In the last decades the historical-artistic research has contributed to point out the growing importance of technical-performing analysis on the materials as well as on the state of preservation of the artworks. Such analysis can provide information on:

  • the authenticity of the artifacts
  • their dating and attribution
  • their origin
  • their history

These methods can be applied to homogeneous groups of objects (possibly of local origin), and they can be preparatory to exhibitions or, as is often the case with international research groups, they can focus on specific techniques or artistic materials.

The history of materials and artistic techniques is inevitably connected to the history of the conservation of artifacts, because the most of them have undergone deterioration, additions and restoration over the years. Researches should thus identify – both historically and materially – the nature and reasons behind these alterations (which must often be preserved), basing on technical-scientific analysis and bibliographic-archival researches, that are always integral part of this kind of investigations.


  • Historical-technical analysis of the materials and the executive techniques of artworks
  • Characteristics and degradation of particular artistic materials
  • History of the conservation of artworks
  • History of the restoration of artworks
  • Alterations and destructions of artworks for confessional or war reasons