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Imagined Europes


Imagined Europes

Coordinator: Prof. Francesco Pitassio
Members: Prof. Mariapia Comand, Dr. Marco Rossitti

The research group studies the history of the European cinematographic culture, the models of representation and definition of the European society through cinema and media, and the methods for production, promotion and circulation of the European media production. Particular attention is given to the national/international/transnational dialectic, to the relationship between high and low culture, to the specific characteristics of the media industry in Europe, and to the relations between institutional, politic and expressive sphere. The group participated and still participates to numerous international initiatives (European Science FoundationNECSAssociation Française de Recherches sur l’Histoire du CinémaCineGraph) and has a significant research output by international publishers.


  • Post-war Italian cinema and reconstruction culture
  • Media, collective memory and trauma: relationship among the media, definition of local, national and transnational collective memories, traumatic events
  • High quality European cinema