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Media Education and Media Literacy


Media Education and Media Literacy

Coordinator: Prof. Mariapia Comand
Members: Dr. Andrea Mariani, Prof. Simone Venturini
Website: Digital Story Telling Lab

This research group develops its activity in close relationship with the paradigm of Media Literacy. Its defining purpose is to establish interpretative and analytical instruments for a better understanding of the means of expression (and the political-ideologic objectives) underlying the media representation (and re-construction) of those issues and tensions that characterise the social reality. In particular, the group aims at mapping the strategies with which the media represent (and contribute to shape) the subjectivity and, consequently, gender identities, as well as sexual, racial and subcultural identities, by tracking and deconstructing stereotypes, social images, iconographies and representative models that circulate in the media and thus filter the collective and individual perception of society and its dynamics. This mapping and deconstructing operation is carried out by taking into consideration both the contemporary media scene and the historical reconstruction of those representations (from an aesthetic, stylistic, industrial and socio-cultural point of view), and more precisely, by analysing individual media stories (cinema, television, photography, digital media) as well as the media system in general.