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DIpartimento di Studi UManistici
e del patrimonio culturale


Post-cinema and Digital Cultures


Post-cinema and Digital Cultures

Coordinator: Prof. Mariapia Comand
Member: Prof. Cosetta Saba

The research group works on three principal and specific fronts. Firstly, it studies digital technologies and their role in the re-articulation of the linguistic and expressive forms in cinema and television in the contemporary age. A second front concerns the new types of inter- and transmedial relations established by the media in the era of convergence, with particular attention to the industrial strategies, to the economical and legal problematics (transmedia franchising, digital piracy, gamification) and to the consumer and reappropriation practices of the audience (fan fictions, mash ups, subbing etc.). Finally, the third research line deals with the new forms of narration and interactive/transmedial storytelling in immersive digital environments (augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive web, videogames etc.), with particular focus on the application of these technologies to the valorisation and fruition of the cultural heritage and the touristic promotion.


  • The reconstruction of the practices, talks and environments of the Italian independent videogame production
  • The archaeology and genealogy of contemporary videogames seriality
  • The analysis of the impact of gaming and speech environments and practices on the narration techniques
  • The virtual heritage, in the form of a study of the devices, applications and gaming and immersive environments applied to the cultural heritage