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Transmedial Writing and Telling


Transmedial Writing and Telling

Coordinator: Prof. Mariapia Comand
Member: Prof. Simone Venturini

Closely tied to the Screenplay Research Center (Centro Ricerche Sceneggiature, CRS), the research group develops the following topics:

  • history of Italian cinema, with special focus on the great season of the genres (comedy, horror, western etc.)
  • history and theory of screenwriting, especially in Italy and in the USA
  • history, theory and technique of television writing, in particular the forms of seriality
  • history and technique of film and audiovisual critic, mainly the new forms of digital critic and grassroots
  • analysis and promotion of the professions of Italian cinema, through a historical perspective which does not omit the dialogue with contemporary workers

In collaboration with Post-cinema and Digital Cultures, the research group works also in the fields of writing for new media and digital and interactive storytelling, applied both to gaming entertainment and to the promotion of the cultural and museum heritage – thanks to the support of the Digital Storytelling Lab.