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Institutional, International, Digital Communication


Institutional, International, Digital Communication

Coordinator: Prof. Raffaella Bombi
Members: Prof. Stefano Allegrezza, Dr. Francesco Costantini
Website: Comunicazione istituzionale e internazionale

The complex topic of the Institutional Communication between State and citizen, with its many linguistic, multilingual, pragmatic and nowadays even technologic facets, requires new attention and specific competences, especially regarding the communicational aspects. Furthermore, the theme of Web Communication – the challenges and the opportunities offered by the Web, by social media and by the processes of digitisation and dematerialisation – must also be taken into account, since they are strategic both for the innovation of the Public Administration (which is firmly pushed in this direction by a complex legislation, as far as the administrative proceedings are concerned) and for the private institutions and companies that are interested in cutting costs of paper documentation and take the chance provided by the new rules concerning the e-invoicing and the digital archiving of tax records.