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The Italian Language around the World


The Italian Language around the World

Coordinator: Prof. Raffaella Bombi
Members: Dr. Francesco Costantini, Dr. Marco Rossitti

This research group aims at surveying the linguistic situation of the younger generations of the descendants of Italian immigrants who are still living outside the country, with the double purpose of increasing the knowledge about such a relevant subject as the diffusion of the Italian language and culture abroad, and of offering informative support to the institutions operating in the field of the promotion of the Italian language in the world. 
The group has organized 8 editions of the Specialisation course "Valori identitari e imprenditorialità" (Identity Values and Entrepreneurship), in collaboration with Ente Friuli nel Mondo and Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia - direzione Corregionali nel mondo, which was addressed to discendants from italian/friulian families emigrated in South America (especially Argentina and Brazil) in order to revive their interest towards their ancentral culture and language. A series with the same title (4 volumes) represents the output of the didactic and scientific activities of the projects, and a worshop on those themes is also in preparation.


  • Analysis and metalinguistic survey of the defining characters of the Italian emigration in the world (from Italian emigrants to foreign-born Italians, from Italians to expats)
  • Characteristics and ways of diffusion of the Italian language in the world: italianisms and neoitalianisms in the special languages outside Italy, also through multimedia supports
  • Organization of publications, seminars and workshops on the topic of the identity value of the Italian language in the world and of its diffusion through multimedia and the Web