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Metalanguage, History of Linguistic Theories


Metalanguage, History of Linguistic Theories


Coordinator: Prof.s Raffaella Bombi
Member: Dr. Francesco Costantini

Over time, Metalanguage has become a topical theme for a network of Italian scholars promoting coordinated research, which has converged in a series of projects of national relevance. This one in particular aims at studying the terminologic density of the works of Italian and foreign Linguists by investigating individual categories or consistent groups of words, as well as by developing a constant methodological reflection, in order to detect the turning points and the discontinuities within the paradigm (the so-called "scientific revolutions"). The digitisation of the works of various Linguists is also part of the project, with the purpose of making them accesible online in open format. In addition, new metalinguistic publications are in preparation, summing up the experiences of the past PRIN projects and the new results achieved.