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DIUM - Dipartimento di eccellenza 2023-2027 MUR %} MENU

Imagines et ornamenta Lunae. Sculpture in Luni. Materials and Contexts

Imagines et ornamenta Lunae. Sculpture in Luni. Materials and Contexts

Scientific Director: Prof. Matteo Cadario

Imagines et ornamenta Lunae. La scultura a Luni. Materiali e contesti

The project, promoted by the Centro Studi Lunensi in collaboration with the Superintendency of the region Liguria (SABAP), the Polo Museale della Liguria and the Museo Archeologico della Spezia, is carried on by Prof. Matteo Cadario and Dr. Giuseppina Legrottaglie, both members of the above mentioned Centro. It aims at studying comprehensively the sculptures found in Luni, in order to offer an organic synthesis of the subject. The products will be analised in relation to their production methods and to their fruition contexts, which are often reconstructable. This will allow a better definition of the forms of the urban landscape and of the logic of the communication through images.

The dispersion of the sculptures of Luni has complicated every attempt of global reading of those artifacts. The complete review of this production appears today a promising line of research, for many reasons. Within the territory of the ancient colony are located the famous marble quarries which constituted the supply area for Rome and the Western provinces; local workshops and travelling craftmen operated there, spreading techniques and styles and acting as amplifiers for the trends in the Capital. The role of Luni within the roman sculpture production is mostly yet to be written. The systematic cataloguing of the materials will offer the needed data in order to start a reflection on those topics and on the relationship between buildings and decorative sculptures.