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The professions of culture

The professions of culture

Scientific Directors: Dr. Dimitri Brunetti, Dr. Grazia Tatò


At the turn of the year 2012, the Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage and the local MAB committee for Friuli Venezia Giulia signed a five-year agreement protocol with the purpose of cooperating in the fields of research, education, promotion and preservation of the archive, book and museum cultural heritage.

The aim is to forge closer links between academic institutions and public and private entities dealing with the conservation, management and sharing of cultural heritage, by promoting those professions connected with archives, libraries and museums – all this through partnerships in the sphere of information, professional updating, education, study and research.

MAB is the acronym used by the AIB (Associazione Italiana Biblioteche), ANAI (Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana) and ICOM Italia (International Council of Museums – Comitato Nazionale Italiano) to name the permanent coordination (established in 2011) to explore the prospects of convergence between work and the institutions where the professionals of archives, libraries and museums are active.
This new agreement renews the former cooperation between the University of Udine and MAB-FVG ratified in February 2015, which led to the organization of important conferences and numerous activities nationwide.

The 2020 agreement has enabled the DIUM and MAB-FVG to join forces and carry out activities, such as:

  • The promotion of visits, traineeships and workshops for students (individually and in groups) hosted at associated institutions
  • Planning and actualization of common training sessions (both for basic and continuous training), with the purpose of developing new knowledge, skills and expertise for students and professionals
  • The organization of conferences, seminars and conventions
  • Research activities pertaining to the archive, book and museum cultural heritage
  • Regional, national and international projects relating to the cultural heritage, data processing and information systems, education and cultural activities.

Team members are Linda Borean and Dimitri Brunetti (DIUM), Ilde Menis (AIB), Marina Dorsi and Grazia Tatò (ANAI), Paola Ventura and Babet Trevisan (ICOM Italia).

A series of online meetings involving students and professionals of the cultural heritage had already taken place in 2021. The aim was to demonstrate the vitality of the territory, the quality of the work operators, and the activities of cultural bodies and institutions, also with reference to the national and international context. 
A new series of three online meetings has been organised for the spring of 2022, once again aimed at students and professionals in the field. It will deal with the main issues of the disciplines, which will be addressed through a transversal perspective.