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Pietro Metastasio, Lettere, edition and Commentary

Pietro Metastasio, Lettere, Edition and Commentary

Scientific Directors: Prof. Alberto Beniscelli, Prof. William Spaggiari, Prof. Corrado Viola, Prof. Raffaele Mellace
DIUM Research Unit: Prof. Renzo Rabboni, Dr. Matteo Venier

Pietro Metastasio, Letters, edition and commentary

The project, coordinated by the Dipartimento di Italianistica of the University of Genoa and currently still in its first development stage, involves the complete edition of Pietro Metastasio's correspondence – consisting in approximately 2,500 letters dating back to the period between 1730 and 1782.
Scholars from various universities in Italy (Rome, Naples, Pavia, Verona, Milan, Modena, Venice and Udine) and Europe (Vienna, Klagenfurt, Santiago de Compostela and Toulouse) are taking part in the initiative, in close connection with the Centro di Ricerca sugli Epistolari del Settecento of Verona (CRES). In order to ensure the process of obtaining, organizing and investigating Metastasio's collection, an advanced database was developed in collaboration with Net7 s.r.l. of Pisa: this will enable the possibility of a hypertextual and multimedia examination of materials (letters, images and audio), facilitating the identification of structured paths concerning related data (softwares: Muruca and Pundit). The edition of Metastasio's letters will be accompanied by a double apparatus – a philological one and a commentary.

The University of Udine Research Unit, led by the DIUM, will focus on the edition of Metastasio's correspondence with the Count Daniele Florio, his brother Francesco Florio and the nobleman Giorgio of Polcenigo. This activity will be carried out in collaboration with Prof. Angela Fabris of the University of Klagenfurt.

Pietro Metastasio, Lettere, edizione e commento