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HERA – Humanities in the European Research Area

HERA – Humanities in the European Research Area is a network of 26 European agencies and research institutions, as well as the European Commission itself. By acknowledging the key role of Humanities to interpret and understand the continuous developments of society in contemporary Europe, this consortium aims at supporting research within this particular area. For this purpose, it promotes transnational and interdisciplinary programmes and collaborations, and offers important funding opportunities through the launching of funding calls, the so-called JRPs (Joint Research Programmes): Cultural Dynamics: Inheritance and Identity and Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation (HERA I, 2009–2012), Cultural Encounters (HERA II, 2013–2016) e Uses of the Past (HERA III, 2016–2019).  In addition to these three, a fourth funding call was launched, the HERA Joint Research Programme dedicated to the theme Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe (HERA JRP PS), which is intended to stimulate the research on the topic of European public and cultural spaces – and the relating phenomena, such as integration – by addressing the issue through various perspectives and approaches.