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Aquileia before Aquileia


Aquileia before Aquileia

Funder: Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR)
Scientific Director: Prof. Elisabetta Borgna
Research Unit: Prof. Elisabetta Borgna, Dr. Susi Corazza


The project started in 2013 in collaboration with the Superintendence of Fine Arts and Landscape in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and aims at reconstructing the anthropic landscape and the environment of the eastern friulian lowlands – and especially the area around Aquileiain the protohistoric period. It involves a series of systematic archaeological and scientific excavations campaigns within the municipality of Terzo d'Aquileia, more precisely in Canale d'Anfora, in the Bronze Age village named Ca' Baredi. Landing and hub for the cultural district of the "castellieri" (fortified boroughs) in Friuli, Istria and in the Karst region, the site is of fundamental importance to understand the settlement and communication dynamics within the Adriatic area during the second half of the second millennium BC.

Funded at first by the Ministry of Culture, then by the firm Archeocrowd srl, research activities are currently part of a two-year project in the framework of the departmental strategic plan (PRID). It benefits from interdepartmental and external collaborations and concerns sectorial and complementary research, supported by research grants and targeted at the study of environment and population at a territorial level.