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Barbaro Online Library


Barbaro Online Library 

Funder: Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR)
Scientific Director: Prof. Fabio Vendruscolo


The project aims at developing an online database for the reconstruction of one of the most important libraries of the 15th century, belonged to the two great Venetian Humanists Francesco and Ermolao Barbaro and located in the family building on the Grand Canal, where even Poliziano and Pico della Mirandola came to visit. An inventory – luckily found – attests that around 1490 it contained 500 books, among which 150 Greek manuscripts. By combining this document to historical, codicological, palaeographic and philological data it is possible to identify numerous surviving manuscripts scattered (due to fascinating circumstances) in various libraries across Europe and America. Thanks to Barbaro's annotations and other elements, these identifications will open further chapters for the study of Humanistic Philology and History of Culture.