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Independent Cinema and Artist's Film in Italy from 1960 to 1980: Web Based General Catalogue


Independent Cinema and Artist's Film in Italy from 1960 to 1980: Web Based General Catalogue 

Funder: MIUR
Scientific Director: Prof. Cosetta Saba

Cinema indipendente e cinema d'artista in Italia

Through the development of new ICT instruments, the project aims at a documentary reconstruction of the productive contexts and the history of the cultural transmission of the heterogeneous group of audiovisual practices known as "independent cinema" and "artist's cinema" (1960–1980). On one side, these practices convey knowledge and social memory, on the other allow the study of the visual culture at the intersection between cinema and art. We are dealing with an audiovisual heritage only partially emerged, which needs adequate resources in order to be preserved and protected – and requires therefore the definition of interoperable protocols for documentation, cataloguing and archiving
Starting from the concept of "technical archive" (Derrida 1995), the research group intend to investigate historiographical, documentary and – mainly – cataloguing issues pertaining to the methods of digital archiving for independent and artist's cinema in Italy, by analysing the documents through the relational articulation of filmic and extrafilmic materials.

In light of this objective, with regard to Digital Humanities, the main results that the project aims to achieve are:

  • an ICT infrastructure interoperable with the current regulations concerning MiBAC national cataloguing (ICCD and ICCU), with the international cataloguing system (FIAF Moving Image Cataloguing Manual, 2016; DCA, 2013; FRBR, IFLA, 1998) and with the "harvesting" models such as Europeana, LIDO, METS, Dublin Core, GAMA;
  • an experimental cataloguing protocol for the artistic audiovisual heritage (in collaboration with ICCD);
  • a web based general catalogue of independent and artist's cinema in Italy.