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Asingeran Excavation Project - Excavation Campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan 2018–2019

Asingeran Excavation Project - Excavation Campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan 2018–2019

Funder: MAECI
Scientific Director: Prof. Marco Iamoni

Progetto Archeologico Asingeran

The Asingeran Excavation Project (AEP) is an Italian-Kurdish joint archaeological project under the direction of M. Iamoni (University of Udine) and H.A. Qasim M. Haider (Directorate of Antiquities of Dohuk). It primarily aims to investigate the sequence of settlements going from the 7th to the 4th millennium B.C. in the site of Asingeran, which is located in the plain of Navkur, a few kilometres west of the modern city of Rovia, in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.
The settlement was identified in 2013 during a survey performed in the context of the University of Udine's LoNAP project. The survey revealed an extensive and almost uninterrupted occupation from Pottery Neolithic to the early 3rd millennium B.C., with a remarkable resettlement phase during the Mitanni and Middle-Assyrian period (second half of the 2nd millennium B.C.). In particular, AEP is using Asingeran as a case study to investigate the settlement patterns and the establishment of the economic and social complexity in the Upper East Tigris area and, more in general, in Northern Mesopotamia.

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