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DIUM - Dipartimento di eccellenza 2023-2027 MUR MENU



A Gateway to Europe

The international vocation of DIUM is confirmed by numerous initiatives, both in terms of research and in terms of education: one could mention the degree courses with double qualifications, held in collaboration with foreign universities, or those provided in double mode – national or international. And then, of course, the Erasmus+ programme: currently dozens exchanges and scholarships are valid with Universities thoughout Europe, all of which offer the precious possibility to enrich one's educational experience by staying at high-level institutions.

However, facing such great array of choices could be hard: in order to allow a clear evaluation of the benefits offered by each partner, we propose here a list of every active bilateral agreement, with a brief summary of the strongest points of every possible choice, as well as the indication of the disciplines for which the single University could be more appropriate.