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Spring/Summer Schools

Spring/Summer Schools

Intensive, international, interactive: as are the Spring and Summer Schools, short specialization/orientation courses which animate spring semesters and the summer holidays breaks at the University of Udine, offering students at all levels and of all backgrounds occasions for further study and dialogue with new academic, social and cultural realities.

By participating in these programmes, you will...

  • Focus on specific themes, which will be important for your education, in order to rapidly learn new skills or to better understand which studies to undertake
  • Get to know lecturers and scholars from all over the world
  • Improve your linguistic skills by interacting in an international context
  • Take the chance of experimenting with academic life, as well as attending a different University, in a city and a region yet to be discovered.

The Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Udine is a partner in five Spring/Summer Schools: