University of Udine

DIpartimento di Studi UManistici
e del patrimonio culturale

DIUM - Dipartimento di eccellenza 2018-2022 MIUR %} MENU

Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

DIUM has been rated among Italy's 180 Department of Excellence, due to its general programme involving several strategies: the application of the digital humanities and the exploration of the new scenarios that the digital world may open up and promote; the study and valorisation of the cultural heritage; the strenghtening of the humanistic disciplines through the recognition of their key role for the analysis the past and the understanding of the great complexity of our present.

This successful, main direction is of course the result of the Department's activities in the educational and divulging sectors, but also, and significantly, in the research, thanks to the large number of active projects – at international, national and local level – launched and curated by the academics working for DIUM.