University of Udine

DIpartimento di Studi UManistici
e del patrimonio culturale

DIUM - Dipartimento di eccellenza 2023-2027 MUR MENU



Teaching activities of all courses based in Udine take place inside the historical Palazzo Antonini-Cernazai (via Petracco, 8) and in the outstanding venue of Palazzo Garzolini-Di Toppo Wassermann (via Gemona, 92), which is also seat of the prestigious Scuola Superiore. Every room is equipped with video projectors, blackboards and sound amplification. Internet access is made available through the University's Wi-Fi network.
Lab activities are held in their respective laboratories, located either in Palazzo Caiselli or in Palazzo Falconieri.

Teaching activities of the courses based in Gorizia take place at the Centro Polifunzionale di Gorizia (CEGO), in the so-called Polo Santa Chiara (via Santa Chiara, 1). This venue hosts also study halls, computer labs and offers the students a Wi-Fi connection.

The exact location of rooms/laboratories can be easily found through the service EasyRoom.