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International Decision-Making Analysis


International Decision-Making Analysis

Training the leaders of tomorrow.

NOTE: The 2022 edition has been cancelled due to organizational reasons. We apologise for any inconvenience.


The summer school in International Decision-Making Analysis provides the participants with the key tools to understand, plan and execute informed, timely and responsible decision-making. The course has an international, interdisciplinary and real case-study focus. The format is blended: The first component is online asynchronic (5–20 September 2022) where participants can decide when to access the material available on the summer school platform. The second component, including lectures, simulations and on-site visits, is held at the University of Udine (21–27 September 2022), in a region full of arts, fun, vineyards, between the Alps and the Adriatic See. The summer school awards 3ECTS credits that students can use in their programmes at the home institution


Students and instructors come from three European universities: Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), University of Ljubljiana (Slovenia), and the University of Udine (Italy). Udine is located 630 Km from Erlangen&Nuremberg and 160 Km from Ljubjana. Road and railway connections are excellent.


1. Theory and concepts of decision-making analysis
2. International Relations and Security
3. International Organizations
4. Economy, Management, Industry
5. Humanities, Arts and Archaeology

Online Component (5–20 September 2022) In-presence component (21–27 September 2022)
Introduction to the summer school
Leaders, managers, decision-makers
International Organizations: UN, WB, IMF, WTO
Foreign policy
How Italy decided to join the Euro
Decision-making for material criticality
Decision-making in disputes over artworks
Decision-making in Archaeology
Decision-making in judicial courts
Theory and concepts of decision-making
Decision-making on conflict
Two-level game
EU external action
Slovenia & climate-related policies
Business &moral conduct
Decision-making in management
On-site visits and real case studies
Press Conference Simulation


Decision-making skills are useful for any type of professionals, are transversal and transferable. Learning the key parameters, techniques and factors to make decisions is crucial to the training of tomorrow’s leaders and professionals. 


There are 18 places at the summer school, six per each participating institution.

Interviews for the students of the University of Udine will take place on Wednesday, July 20th, 2022 at 09:00 AM in Prof. Gian Luca Gardini's office (Palazzo Falconieri, ground floor, room LT-004).

Read the call – University of Udine 
Read the call – FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg


The summer school is funded by the European Union Erasmus BIP programme. Therefore, we do not charge any registration fee. The participating students who travel to Udine will receive a daily allowance of 70 Euros. Additional support for travel costs may be available at your university at certain conditions. You can find your own accommodation or we can help you find one. Additional support will be made available to the selected participants.


For further information, please email the coordinators:

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