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DIpartimento di Studi UManistici
e del patrimonio culturale

DIUM - Dipartimento di eccellenza 2023-2027 MUR MENU

The Interview

What led you to choose Humanistic Studies?

My passion for History of Art and the will to understand artistic processes, artists and their realizations. I have always loved to visit museums and artistic sites, mostly from the medieval time and the Renaissance.

Have you ever been abroad during your university education?

No, I have never spent a period of study abroad, but I have had the opportunity to take part in organized trips and visits in the context of university courses.

What role does your humanistic education play in your current occupation?

I would say it has been fundamental. My current occupation is of course the dream job of every student of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, but working in a museum also involves a continuous training, a continuous research activity, a constant dialogue with art experts and an ongoing confrontation with new experiences (exhibitions, projects, settings, restorations, new studies etc.).

Do you think that humanistic studies could pave the way for various careers?

I firmly believe that the humanistic education is essential for many different career paths, especially because of the mental openness and the capacity of understanding reality it provides.

What would you recommend to young people struggling with the choice of the right study programme?

Pursue your own passions and inclinations, do not be influenced by other people's opinion, and keep all options open: sometimes education and working life can diverge, but studying opens your mind and allows you to face successfully every possible obstacle.