University of Udine

DIpartimento di Studi UManistici
e del patrimonio culturale



The course in Humanities revives its educational offer launching two brand new curricula: in addition to the traditional programmes of Classics, Italian Studies, Philosophy and History, it is now possible to choose Publishing and Humanistic Culture and Dissemination. The range of activities has expanded too, including compelling new courses and seminars such as the Writing and Communication WorkshopComparative LiteratureTheatre History and Writing, Economy and Society in the Ancient World.

The watchword, though, remains the same: il testo al centro"the text at the core" – no matter if papyrus, manuscript, inscription, book or e-book, the focus will still be deep within the historical and cultural context of ancient and modern literatures, in order to learn how to analyse them critically, that is to say, how to comprehend them fully through the philological method – a very rigorous and intellectually honest one.

Moreover, we offer various laboratories (within PhilosophyHistoryPublishing and Humanistic Informatics, just to name a few...) and professional internships: in short, you can choose six customizable educational paths leading to your text-related career, whatever it may be – operator in cultural servicespublishing industry, scientific dissemination, journalismmedia or, through further levels of education, research and teaching.