University of Udine

DIpartimento di Studi UManistici
e del patrimonio culturale

DIUM - Dipartimento di eccellenza 2018-2022 MIUR %} MENU

Cultural Heritage

First course of its kind in ItalyCultural Heritage owes its longevity to the setting of a good balance between conservation and innovation: keeping pace with the progressive developments in the field, it has constantly been able to evolve and redefine structures and objectives, in order to offer the best combination of tradition and avant-garde.

The programme treats various areas and disciplines organized in comprehensive curricula – ArchaeologyArchiving-books and History of Art. In addition to these three is the fourth and international one, which provides the possibility to spend a year at the Université Clermont-Auvergne and achieve a double qualification, valid both in France and Italy.

But whatever the chosen path may be, the educational cornerstone remains the direct connection with the historical-artistic heritage through a series of laboratories and internships in the framework of excavations, libraries, archives and museums. This aims at preparing students for the specifics of particular work roles such as partner/adviser for institutions dealing with preservation, restoration,  cataloguingpromotion and enhancement of cultural and artistic assets – as well as for higher education by applying for a graduate course.