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Cultural Tourism

Scienze del turismo new


Cultural Tourism


Cultural Tourism

Tourism + Culture = Work

The course in Cultural Tourism pays special attention to multi-disciplinarity: its conception is indeed based on the integration of the cultural and touristic sectors, which are different but nonetheless deeply interconnected. The programme, constantly updated according to current developments in the world of work, provides solid management skills matching historical, artistic, anthropological and geographical competence.


If you ARE... 

...ready to bet on culture as an economic resource, this course will teach you the managerial know-how and communication skills that you will need in order to successfully enter a growing sector with enormous potential.


If you WANT... acquire those skills by combining study and practical training, this course will give you the chance to participate in numerous internships, laboratories and work experiences – all this without the fear of falling behind, thanks to the careful organization of the coursework.


If you WANT to become...

...a professional in the field, the experience gained will let you work in the context of traditional and multimedia touristic communication, and to take part in activities for the promotion of cultural and territorial heritage – such as the organization of events, travels and itineraries in partnership with local authorities, companies and enterprises. Watch/read the interviews of some former students talking about their own experiences and the role of their education in the world of work.


If you WANT to continue...

...studying at the University of Udine, the Bachelor's degree in Humanities gives you access to the Master's degree courses in Cultural and Event Tourism Management.