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Delegates and representatives

Delegates and representatives


Teaching Delegate: Prof. Simone Furlani
Research Delegate: Prof. Emanuela Colombi
Permanent Delegate in the Council of the University Library System: Prof. Andrea Zannini


Representative for Internationalisation: Prof. Silvia Contarini
Representative for Departmental Quality Assurance for Research: Prof. Marco Iamoni
Representative for Departmental Spaces:
 Dr. Vittorio Foramitti
Representative for Tutoring: Dr. Marina Rubinich
Representative for Orientation: Prof. Chiara Battistella
Representative for Teacher Education: Prof. Alessio Decaria
Representative for Study and Sport Program: Dr. Andrea Gorassini
Representative for Communication and the Website: Prof. Giuseppina Azzarello
Representative for Students with disabilities and Specific Learning Difficulties: Prof. Salvatore Lavecchia
Representative for Third Mission: Prof. Luca Grion
Representative for the Department of Excellence: Dr. Stefano Magnani
Member of the Board SUPE: Prof. Neil Harris
Member of the Quality Commission: Prof. Luca Taddio
DIUM Representative in CIRF: Prof. Andrea Tilatti
DIUM Representative in the Scientific Committee of FORUM Editrice Universitaria Udinese: Prof. Andrea Zannini
DIUM Representative in CIRD:
Prof. Angelo Gaudio
University Representative in CIM:
Prof. Simone Furlani
Travel Manager Representative and Representative for safety and prevention: Daniela Fabrici
Waste management: Mirco Cusin